Harness the wisdom of your years and move towards a more harmonious life

Hi! I’m Lynn

Your Life and Health Mentor

Lynn Korcykoski, Health Mentor for the Joyous Everyday Woman; your go-to health mentor, here to help you transform your life and embrace the joyous woman within you.

Born and raised in upstate NY, Lynn now lives in Colorado with her husband and son; they love animals and currently have 2 dogs and 2 cats! Feeding time is fun around their house!

As a data analyst navigating the corporate space for over 2 decades while raising kids, and a husband, Lynn has learned how to become fearless with her voice and not succumb to the weight of corporate life. 

She helps women create the business and life they desire, and back it up with purposeful action to create results.

Because Mom is her favorite job, she has made it her mission to help other working moms find their voice. She gives you the tools and the confidence to ask for more and realize how limitless you can be when you tap into your Boss Mom potential. She also coaches female entrepreneurs to succeed by using strategic tools to grow a business.

In addition to years working in the corporate world as a data analyst, Lynn has several passions that keep her happy and thriving including fitness, knitting, creativity, friendships, and learning about “all the things”.

Lynn has a passion for sharing and helping others, that’s how she got to be where she is now, and what brings her to you, your Virtual Lynk. Whether you’re starting or growing your business, she is here to help you reach your highest potential. She will meet you where you’re at, provide clear strategies, and take the angst out of building your business.

I help women experience lasting transformation and embrace a joyous and fulfilling life through the power of self-discovery, mindfulness, and empowerment that unlocks their true potential.
Lynn Korcykoski, Life and health mentor